November 3, 2010

Sweet Blogger Award

Don't you just love this beautiful award!? I DO! And I have Monica Flores to thank for it. She left a wonderful comment on my "Inking Pink Blog Hop" post.

It reads as follows: "Hey Terrie!!! Thank you for always making us aware of all the cool challenges that are going on. Also thank you for posting all of your cool crafts. I will always love that lil green monster!! That Mike is just to darn cute!

So for this I would like to award you with the "Sweet Blogger" award. you deserve this and so much more. If you accept please stop by and let me know. I'll be sending the award your way."

So that being said.. I LOVE THIS AWARD! Thank you so much for all the visitors & wonderful comments you guys leave me!


Monica Flores said...

You are very welcome. You deserve this and more.

It looks great on your blog!!

crazy for cricut said...

Congratulations!You must be sooo excited! Thanks for coming over to my blog! I love getting new followers!:) Good luck,I'll be picking a winner by the weekend! Dina

terriennz said...

Thank so much Dina! It's an awesome giveaway.. let me tell you that! LOL