September 23, 2010

Star Blog Award

This came as a total shock to me but THANK YOU SO MUCH Sheena for this award. I'd also like to thank you for becoming a follower of mine! I really appreciate all the comments on my blog.

Here are the rules:
Once you picked up your award, please post it on your blog and answer these two questions:

1. The best project I ever made was...

I picked this card because I LOVE the embossment to it. I LOVE Halloween so this card just suits me well.

2. I like to craft because...
It relaxes me. I first starting scrapbooking but when I discovered card making.. I couldn't get enough! I love to just sit down, blast my music and make cards!

"Then select 3 people to award the blog award to. Post their names and blog addresses and go leave a comment on their blog. The award winner will pick up their star, who will then do the same thing"

My three picks are:
1. Madison
2. Jessica
3. Nicole


Nicole said...

Ahhh thanks:o) More bling for my Blog:O)

Mad Crafter said...

Thanks Terrie:) What a nice thing do to for me:) You ROCK!!

terriennz said...

You're welcome ladies! :)

Gaby ~ Scrapabookaholic said...


ScrappyScavenger said...

Love this card! I followed you from My Pink Stampers Challenge, I love your card so much, I decided to follow your blog!

terriennz said...

Thank you so much!!