September 29, 2010

S Fold Halloween Card

So there's been a WILD buzz about SFold/ZFold cards and I thought to myself "Okay! I HAVE to attempt to make one!" And of course the first thing that came to mind was HALLOWEEN! haha I went on YouTube and found so many tutorials on how to make them.

I really like the way mine came out. I LOVE vampires.. so my pumpkin had to be one. LOL I'd really appreciate comments on what you REALLY think about it. (I'm always looking for a challenge to do, so your honest comments makes me feel good so I can strive to make another card better) Thanks so much guys!


OH BTW! Does anyone or has anyone ever had trouble with their Cuttlebug!? If you look closely in my pictures, the lime green cardstock, how it came out kinda like tearing the paper.? I want to know if anyone has ever had this problem and if so.. how to fix it. Thanks!


Craft Junkie Too said...

very cute - Terrie :)

terriennz said...

Thank you so much Tracy! :)

Haidee said...

Very neat!

terriennz said...

Thank you so much Haidee!

Sheena said...

Cool card!..I love the lil fangs..also really love the pattern paper :)


terriennz said...

Thank you so much Sheena! I found the pattern paper at my local WalMart. Colorbok I believe.. it was a pack of seasonal paper. It had Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween.