August 3, 2010

Gift Card Tags

This is the package I received from Madison ( and I have to say that they are HANDS DOWN the PRETTIEST things I have ever seen! The way they are packaged as well. I DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THEM! lol

If you guys have not yet gone to her page and are not "following" her.. PLEASE do so! She is also participating in a "July Challenge", over at Paper Crafts by Candace ON FACEBOOK!!/photo.php?pid=5372919&id=145228326813&ref=album

Click on the link ABOVE and you will see Madison's creation (her card). PLEASE "Like" the photo so she can win the giveaway! (To enter her, you have to FIRST "Like" Paper Crafts by Candace's Facebook page) Thank you so much guys!


Mad Crafter said...

THANK YOU so much for all the kind words:) I must say it was hard putting them in the mail but I am happy that they went to someone who enjoys them as much as I do:)

terriennz said...

Awww.. you're welcome! I didn't want to take them out of the plastic wrap! HAHA And I told my brother-in-law that I want to keep them for myself! lol

BeeBeebabs said...

Wow you did a great job tfs